Family Value


A community is built one loving stone at a time, to the next.

Did you know that when you are kind to your child you are building a well?

Dedication to the groundwater of community kindness?

Filling your daughter with the ability to give away a sandwich?

Your son the ability to mirror a smile, rather than pull inward and look away from me as I pass in my wheelchair.

Your family value enriches us all.

And this Mother’s Day, I am grateful.

Who We Can Be


My faith remains.

No matter what – tide in, tide out – my personal prowess comes and goes.

My faith remains.

Faith in what?

Faith in us my friend.

Each of us.

Each generation, each individual.

Each country.

Each faction.

We shall together find a way towards a family of human.

We shall do this or we shall be replaced with something which can.

That is the law of life which is indisputable.

The laws of life are not opinions.

They are math ethics.

Ethics math?

I don’t have words yet.

But the math will always be there for us to find.


The Night Forest


Once upon a time there was a dark night forest where many monsters went bump in the night.

There was a little girl in the forest, and she was not afraid of the noises, because – mostly – those who made of bumps in the night were afraid of the pranks played by the daylight seeing little girl who had learned to make the night her playground.

The monsters wished and hoped for a calm night sleep in her father’s arms.

But once in awhile, she got loose. Once in a while, the monster’s told their children, one had to be careful.

The world is not always safe, they said.

The Night Forest was not just made for monsters.

Like it or not, the Night Forest was also made

For little Red girls…


There was a Red Wolf

20150415_140913All the night forest knew the stories of the red wolf who killed grannies and terrified girls.

Few in the night forest had seen a red wolf for the colors of night are brown and grey, grays and blacks, and a rare stroke of green into black.

The night forest is subtle.

A red wolf is not.

So we met the red wolf killer, big as boar sized kitten and had to ask:

Where did she get that hat?

Better, Faster, Stronger – The Cost of Efficiency

I had an acquaintance. She called herself my friend. I call her Rusty.

Rusty’s self appointed position was to make others work harder, stronger and faster than they had done before.

To find the sweet spot of others – without their permission, or their consent.

To root out the “lazy” and ill spent parts of the day.

To eliminate unneeded communication.

If you are interested in the idea of efficient community business, I recommend Peter Drucker or Seth Godin. They have superb books on the subject of sustained productivity and brand loyalty.

It you just want faster, call Rusty to keep others on the tip of the toes.

Rusty was a combat vet with a depth of hyper-vigilance and all of the related illnesses that come with being at attention at all hours.

Rusty showed employers how, with fear, forms and pressure of losing livelihood, one could get a life or death level of performance.

Rusty only took half from this violation of a working community and allowed the employer the other half of the seed grain – calling it hidden profit.

Profit isn’t hidden in my experience.

Everything has a growth season, a rest season; a fat season and a famine.

I survived many like Rusty.

The rust belt taught me how.

How will you survive the next “Rusty” who offers your friend and employer a new way to get rich quick?

It helps to have efficiency numbers on hand before Rusty knocks.

Because Rusty is hyper vigilant.

And for this one form of cruelty, I recommend you be vigilant as well.

Your community is depending on you.

I know.

I am part of your community.





And That Means What?

I am praying for you.

What does that mean to others, I asked a friend today? I have a few friends who are people of deep conscience that I approach in lieu of community elders.

When others say “I will pray for you”, what is it that they mean?

Had they imagined I had stopped remembering?

Is there more to do that I have forgotten?

Very young I was taught that my life was a prayer.  There is no time I was aware of being a person that I do not also remember this awareness also being present.

So when I pray, it comes to me like a “Ok, show me how to help here? I am not sure what is next.”

And usually there is some one next thing that we can do. At least one thing.

When others say they will pray for me, I am confused as to their meaning.

I do not know what they are praying for exactly.

Aren’t people supposed to solve “people” troubles?

Don’t we need to prove that we can be responsible with the resources we have before we are given more?

Hasn’t God already given us plenty as long as we remember to share?

My brain goes crunk – like the giant from Princess Bride – my little bird cocks her head sidewise:

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

And I could be sooooo wrong.

A word can mean different things to many.

“I do not know what else to do for him, Mama. What more is there?”

“Hold him in his best light, the very best version of himself. Hold that image up for him and for God to see. If you hold that, and it is what he wants, he will find it in himself and in the world. You can always do that.”

So, today, I enter a 60 day vigil for a specific religious calling a friend desires for himself. We will call him Jon.

I am not as stuck on specifics as many. I find that one is to serve where one is sent.

And the places of greatest need are rarely the places of greatest success or comfort.

Successes of the soul are not always reflected in success of notoriety. That is not my place.

But Jon believes this one position will validate his work. Who am I to contradict another’s sense of calling?

Visibility is a place in a circle without end in constant motion.

I have lived that circle. I had my burst upon it.

The work never dies.

The value is not more or less at the moment of sparking.

We just think it is.



P.S. – Hold a candle for my friend Jon today.

He wishes to be called through a narrow gate towards a place where he has been effective at serving the ill and dying for decades. He wishes his service to become a livelihood. It would certainly be less stressful for his family if he were able to fill his calling AND his livelihood at the same time. For many of us, that is not possible, but that says more about our culture than it does about the import or quality of those who do thankless labor in silent vigil.



Truth break

net o

In a world of compromise it is hard to find a right way through. Confusion abides. An island of trust, of being straight can offer a respite in a sea of unsaid things.

I have nothing to lose.

That is a gift.

I want to offer a brain haven. It’s hard to think while mired in all of the things we are supposed to and not supposed to say, at least for me.

I want to make a special invitation to people who appreciate a moment of trust and truth a day they can count on.

I want to offer haven.

Truth is personal, like trust. Most people are trust worthy about most things.

There is a lot of highlight on what is wrong – more than enough mostly.

How many moments do we spend remembering to value what is good in a day?

This is an invitation to take one more.

You are the reader I most care about.

I will be showing up right here.

I will come each day if I can.

In reality, some days many times, and some days not at all.

But I will program the site to appear more consistent than I can ever be.

Stop by any time.



At the Bottom of Today’s Teacup…

Some friends believe I am psychic. We laugh, and I steadfastly maintain this is an illusion. I have what Samuel Clemens called an itch for when a frog is going to jump.

I have read more than my fair share of tea leaves, knowing all the while that it was not the tea leaves I was reading.

Only the fears and anxieties of the person handing me the cup.

Who mostly needed to know that things were going to be ok.

Luckily, things are mostly ok.

We are more afraid of things which require no fear.

To distract us from things that require attention.

I invite you to my wizard’s glass —

Let us look at what may require our attention in the years yet ahead.

I am sending this invitation to you – specifically.

I am not writing for all audiences everywhere. That is not my audience.

My audience is just ahead of the curve.

You know who you are.

All I ask is your interest.

I know your commitment to be such that action will flow spontaneously when the opportunity arises.

You know what opportunities are for.

I have a good idea what to look for.

But I have worn this body out making use of opportunities for the young. I have reaped my five fold in the lives of my community.

It is time for me to retire from much more making of new things.

And offer to others structures for how new things are made.

I have been a structure engine, a meaning making machine.

I am retiring to person-hood, to the poetry of faith.